Inflatable Kayak Trip

Come and sample for yourselves one of the best activities on the Zambezi River. More fun than rafting, more challenging than "boogie boarding" our full day trip down the Zambezi River offers avid thrill seekers the ultimate trip. Your kayak instructors will explain the finer points on how to cross the river, set up for waves and punch into them, and then you are off into your first big warm water on the Zambezi. The thrill as you paddle over monsterous waves in your own boat is amazing! Clients to date have raved that this is the most fun activtity they have ever taken part in! No small compliment when they have rafted the Nile and Bungy Jumped as well! We take your safety very seriously with one guide for every 4 paddlers plus an additional safety cataraft, the ultimate rescue boat and the only one on the Zambezi River. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch at a scenic surfing spot for the kayaks and get a well deserved beer at the end of the day. Come and see what all the fuss is about.