Adventure Activities in Livingstone, Zambia

So, you have a few days off from your paddling holiday or adventure vacation in Livingstone? There is a huge range of activities on offer from high adrenaline bungy jumping from Victoria Falls bridge, to relaxing in the Devils Pool on Livingstone island on top of Victoria Falls. Here are some of our suggestions for your trip.

Water Based

Okay, so you have spent your entire holiday kayaking, but still want to stay water based, there are a host of activities to keep you interested from Jet Boating to Tiger Fishing.  Check out the links below to get the lowdown on other water based activities offered in Livingstone.


Lets face it, Africa is not all about kayaking and bars (okay it is when you get to paddle the Zambezi) We have some amazing half day and day trips for you to get out there and experience the soul of Afrca and it's incredible wildlife. If you only have ONE spare day on your trip, this is a MUST do!


This is where the FUN is at. An early morning flight over Victoria Falls is a sight not to be forgotten, but if you are after a bigger adrenaline hit, have a jump off Victoria Falls 111 metre bridge with a bungy! For a full look into any flying activity in Livingstone, check out the links below.