Kayaking On The Zambezi River

There is the perfect option to suit any paddler on the Zambezi. Beginners should check out our kayak school programmes, the inflatable kayak trips or the tandem kayaking for your Livingstone Adventure. Intermediate paddlers, why not work on your playboating skills with one of our top instructors, or for you kayakgurus just turn up and we can provide you with all the logistical backup you will need. Our trips are for paddlers. This is no tag along with a raft trip operation. If 12B is cranking.... why would you want to be anywhere else!

Kayaking Vacations

The ultimate paddling holiday, whatever your time frame. If you want to explore what the Zambezi really has to offer, then this is the perfect trip. Sample all the best rapids on all sections of the river including a multiday.

Logistics & Gear Hire

We can provide transport to and from the best Zambezi kayaking sections. Paddling trips for paddlers.. no tagging onto raft trips. Excellent gear hire available per day or per week for your trip.

Inflatable Kayaking

This is the most fun activity on the Zambezi. Half kayak school, half adrenaline rush, take one of our specially designed inflatables down the Zambezi River. See what all the hype is about for yourself. Trips daily.

Tandem Kayaking

If you are a fan of whitewater, this could be your thing! You will be accompanied by a world class instructor as you paddle in the front of the boat through some of the best white water in the world. Why go in a raft when you can kayak it!

Kayak Schools & Clinics

The Zambezi River offers the perfect chance to learn to kayak. Our courses can take people with absolutely no experience, to those who want to work on their river running or playboating. There is a perfect course for every ability.

River Surfing

The Zambezi has the ultimate tubing wave that appears normally in July as the river drops and again in January as the river rises again. Thezambezi.com provides all the logistics you will need to surf the ultimate river wave.