Kayak School

Half Day Taster

Prices from: $125

As well as a fantastic place for experienced kayakers, the Zambezi is a great place to learn how to kayak. The warm water and high volume means that it is neither as unpleasant nor as dangerous when you go upside down as it may be on low volume rivers in cold climates. The other thing to remember is that literally thousands of people have ended up in the river on rafting trips! If you'd like to check out if this is the sport for you, then our world class instructors are in hand to teach and inspire you in their sport of choice.

Kayak School

4 hours

2-12 paddlers


Your Morning Kayaking

Your guides will collect you from where you are staying and transfer you to the eddy above Rapid 6 which is the perfect place to practise the basics of kayaking. Here the gentle Zambezi Current allows you to learn to paddle across the current, catch eddies and learn the basics of support and paddle strokes. Depending on your progression, we then have the option to paddle you through your first Zambezi Rapid, "The Devils Toilet Bowl".. sounds worse than it is. Many customers have run through this rapid in excess of 10 times on this course! This will surely get the buzz of kayaking into your blood!

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