Kayak Schools & Clinics

Playboating Introduction

Prices from: $1050

There is nothing more awesome than pulling off your first freestyle move in big volume water. If you have a confident roll and a passion to learn, our world class team of instructors will inspire you with their teaching ability, skill and passion for the sport of kayaking. Whether you are inspired to learn to cartwheel, splitwheel or start to learn how to do a Blunt or Helix (okay well it may take you a wee while longer than a week to perfect this one!) our team on the water will take you to the best playspots on the river to hone and improve your skills. Take a week away and notice the difference not only to your paddling, but your big water confidence.

Kayak Clinics

7 Days

4 - 12 paddlers


Day One


We'll meet you and your paddling gear at the airport and drop you at Jollyboys where you'll be staying for the trip. From here we've arranged a sunset cruise on the Upper Zambezi River to ensure you relax, forget home and realise you are in for a week of serious fun and paddling. The boat cruise includes a barbeque dinner and free drinks. After the cruise, we'll drop you back into town for some sleep before we hit the Zambezi in the morning.

Included: Dinner and Sunset Cruise

Day Two


After breakfast, today we'll take on 23 kilometres of the best whitewater in the world. Our plan today is to familiarise you with the river, take time to scout anything you want to look at, point out, and play for a while in the excellent play spots of the river and let you know where the take out points and features to look out for are on the river.

Included: Breakfast and lunch

Day Three


Your first day of lessons. We spend most of the day taking in and concentrating on the small features from Rapids 1-6. There is plenty to concentrate on here and our aim is to get you focussing on the features and how to read them and get your boat entering the feature, as well as attention to detail on your paddle placement and quick rolls. We'll stop for a break beside the river for lunch. On occasion we may bring a camerman to focus on what you are doing well and what you can improve on. We have found past students love it as a teaching aid.

Included: Breakfast and lunch

Day Four


After a hearty breakfast, we'll take on the bigger rapids of the river today wth their bigger, but sometimes softer features. We put in at rapid 6 and run down through Rapid 7 for a warm up. We'll stop for lunch at Rapid 11 before heading down to the best playspot on the river, 12B. We feel confident by this time you will have the skills to paddle into and surf 12B and be able to work on a few basic moves on this amazing surf feature. We take out at 13 and head back to town, cold beer in hand.

Included: Breakfast and lunch

Day Five


Today we include a half rest day and half paddling day in order that you can sample some of the best activities in Livingstone. You'll be given a voucher for a half day Gorge Swing if you choose to use it. This jump, near rapid 7 is one of the most thrilling activities in Livingstone.

The afternoon sees us spending 2 hours or so at Rapid 12B for more fun in the sun!

Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Gorge swing

Day Six


Today is our last full day on the river and we leave it to group consensus what we will do today. Perhaps you want to go and spend the most of you day paddling from 7B down to 13, but sometimes we take in the entire river, practising our newly learned skills along the way. Normally on this night, we go out and have a group meal together in one of Livingstone's many excellent restaurants.

Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day Seven


After breakfast, we'll drop you at the airport for your flight back home.

Included: Breakfast

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