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Intermediate Playboating

Prices from: $1350

So your local surf wave is not quite doing it for you and you want to pull off a few big water aerial moves the next time you hit the water, this might be the best trip for you. This trip is aimed for those paddlers who have some freestyle moves, but want to improve and work on them in the warm big water of the Zambezi. Our professional team of world class instructors will have you pulling moves in 12B and performing moves you have only ever dreamed of. For playboaters with aspirations to go bigger and get better, check out this trip for size.

Kayak Clinics

10 days

2-12 paddlers

USD $ 1350

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Day One


Welcome to Livingstone. Our guides will meet and transfer you from the airport to Fawlty Towers or Jollyboys to check into your room for the next 10 days. Then its off for a sunset cruise on the Upper Zambezi and settle into African life, witha  few drinks and a barbeque.

Included: Sunset Cruise and Barbeque

Day Two


We are off to make a full run down the river today. We will point out and stop at all the major play spots and show you how much FUN this river is. We will take a break at 12B for lunch and the opportunity to surf and then have a great lunch and watch the rafts come through. After lunch we paddle down to 25 and take the awesome drive back into Livingstone.

Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day Three


Obviously the actual itinerary is dependent on water levels and what rapids are at their best, but this is our base itinerary. We'll head down to the Boiling Pot and take a look at the amazing minus rapids made famous by a certain swim by Dale Jardine, and then we'll head down for some surfing at Rapid 2. Although, not a huge rapid, the smooth green face of the wave, makes it the ideal place to practise some basic aerial moves. Our instructors will both instruct on techniques and sometimes use video to show you exactly what you are doing right and wrong! Then we are off to 3 and a half for some fun, before we blast down to 4, 5 and 5 and a half and we'll take out at 6 after plenty of paddling and moves to satisfy the most avid playboater.

Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day Four


We'll collect you after breakfast and head down to Rapid 7B for a warm up before heading down to the Midnight Diner possibly the most excellent place on the river to wavewheel... right into Startrek! After 9, we head down to 11 (this is a dream wave around January) and then off to stay at Rapid 12B for as long as we can manage! This wave is at its ultimate in September and October and as such this is when we plan on running these trips. 12B has an amazing steep green wave backed up on the river right by a small foam pile that helps keep on the wave. Its fed by a service eddy on river left, that is fairly easy to enter the rapid from... depending on how tired you are. From here we paddle down through 13 and then its back to town.

Included: Breakfast and lunch

Day Five - Rest Day


This is your chance to experience all the amazing activities available in Livingstone. Try your hand at Bungy, Gorge Swing, take a safari, go on a microlight or helicopter flight, or just take a spot beside the pool and listen to your iPod and read your favourite book.

Included: Half Day Gorge Swing and No meals

Day Six


Today after breakfast we head to the walk in track at Rapid 10. From here we have the treat of running 11, 12B and then movong sown to the amazing surf spot of rapid 17. The famous rapid 18 will give you the opportunity to paddle BIG Water and have possibly one of the most fun waves to paddle anywhere. This is Zambezi Whitewater at its best.

Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day Seven


There is nothing better than camping out on the river, right? Todays trip allows you to take your time and we get to spend a night in the gorge at Rapid 10. Its just a shame we dont have a campsite at 12B. Your guides will feed you and amazing meal and you get to camp in a stunning setting in the gorge.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day Eight


We pack up our gear raft and head off on the river for the day. We have breakfast at camp and we head straight down to 12B for a great surf session before running down to Rapid 25 and take out of the gorge. We'll enjoy a few beers on the way back into Livingstone

Included: Breakfast and lunch

Day Nine


Your final day (on this trip) on the Zambezi. We do a full on day trip from 1-25. Try your newly leaned skills on all the rapids and see how much you have actually improved! We have a floating lunch today between 14 and 15 and head down to 25 for our walk out and celebration dinner back in Livingstone.

Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Day Ten


Today after breakfast, you'll depart to the airport.

Included: Breakfast

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