Bars & Restaurants

Livingstone has some great places to eat, drink and party. Some places require some sort of reservation if you are going there in a group to eat and bear in mind that some restaurants have a colonial dress code of a collared shirt in order to eat there. Your range of bars varies greatly from relaxed poolside bars to extremely fun African Nighclubs like Step Rite. On average you should budget around between $20 - $35 per day to eat, although you can eat Nshima (meat stew and maize meal with gravy for much cheaper) As a rule, budget on $1.50 for a beer and slightly more for spirits and wine. Restaurants and bars in Livingstone are open until late, so relax, unwind and enjoy yourself surrounded by your fellow paddlers... we are sure the stories may well get exaggerated after a few drinks!

Restaurants In Livingstone

There are many recommendations for eating out in Livingstone, but here are our choices. On the budget end of the scale, Funky Money close to Faulty Towers is a great place to pop into for lunch. You can get an amazing baguette for around $5. Jollyboys and Fawlty Towers both offer meals at a reasonable rate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices start at $3 and go to around $5 for a meal.
If you want to spend a little more then we suggest eating at the Fezbar who serve great burgers and wholesome food. Its a great bar and excellent place to watch sport if it's on. Alternatively, try Oceans Basket for an AMAZING seafood meal, just across the road from Fawltys, or for the meat feast, try Pub Rite in the centre of town. It can be hard to get a table, but its very good food.
On the more upmarket end of the menu is the Royal Livingstone Golf Club which serves amazing food. There are plenty more options, however they can be further away and it can be slightly more difficult to get there. Failing these options, there is also the option of bribing your guides with a meal if they take you out to the top of Rapid 7 and have an amazing braii (barbeque) in a spectacular location.


Plenty of options here. Jollyboys tends to be the chosen place for most paddlers to go and have a few drinks. It has a great relaxed environment beside the pool and prices are good value. A great place for sundowners is the Waterfront bar although this is a short drive from town. Great place to enjoy the fact that you are in Africa.
Later on, check out the Fezbar or take a visit to Step Rite, the truly African open air night club, set in the heart of town, yes you guessed it, just around the corner from Pub Rite! If you need any advice on places to go out, how to get there, then just ask your guides or contact us.