Climate & Zambezi Water Levels


Okay, so the bonus is this is not like paddling in rainy England. At most times throughout the main paddling season, you'll experience warm dry weather. Winter season is May until September but cold is relative. June and July can be quite chilly but oftern the whole river is not open at this time and it can be better to plan your trip from August on to get the most out of it. October tends to be very hot with temperature reaching 50 degrees on occasion in the Batoka Gorge. Rains start late in October or November and will continue until March in most years. Bear in mind that Livingstone is at nearly 1000 metres above sea level (3000 feet) so this can be why temperatures are also quite cool in winter (june and July) If you need to know what to expect in terms of weather, then please contact us.

Water Levels

This will give you an idea of what water levels to expect on your paddling trip. From June onwards water levels start to drop. The Zambezi's volume is around 120,000 cfs or 4 times the natural volume of the Colorado. From June onwards you'll experience "High Water", with big powerfull water, the river has a great feel about it. This is the start of the best period to paddle the Zambezi. When the river drops a little more in August and September, this is 'Medium, Low Water", an awesome level and some of the best surf spots in the world, start to form. After this from October until early December is "Low Water" which is about as steep as the Zambezi gets. The river starts to rise again in January and February when an incredible tubing wave forms at Rapid 11. Come and see it!