Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked lots of questions prior to people travelling out to Zambia to go kayaking with us, so we have a few of the most frequent here to help in the planning of your trip. Many of these questions are based around our kayaking vacations but for those of you first timers, we have a section at the bottom of this page for those interested in our kayak school, inflatable kayaking trips and tandem kayaking trips.

Am I Good Enough to Paddle The Zambezi?

Most people who are Grade 3-4 paddlers with a confident roll can paddle most rapids on the Zambezi. Being a drop pool river, there is plenty of time to roll up in most rapids. Rapids can easily be scouted and portaged if you wish to.

How Do I Get To Livingstone?

We have a full section on this website about getting to and from Livingstone, whether you are coming from the UK, Europe Noth America or South Africa. At present you best flight options exist to Lusaka and then catch a bus to Livingstone, or alternatively a flight connection through Johannesburg.

Can I Get A Visa On Arrival?

At this point and time, a visa for a single entry into Zambia costs USD$50 and you can get this upon entry into Livingstone at Lusaka, Livingstone and the major road borders. We recommend on getting a double entry visa if you are planning a trip to Botswana or over to Zimbabwe to view the Falls.

How do I get to Know The River?

On your first day paddling, we require that you are accompanied by one of our knowledgable team of kayak instructors, who will show you where all the amazing surf spots are, where the different put in and take outs are.. and where the cros hang out. But dont worry, they aren't an issue.

Apart From Crocs, Are Their Any Other Health Issues?

We suggest making a visit to your Doctor before the trip. They will advise you on the recommended innoculations. They may give you an extensive list but as a minimum, we suggest you are up to date with Tetanus and you take anti-malarial tablets whilst you are there. Although the risk of contracting malaria is lower than Central and Eastern Africa, the anti-malarials are essential. Common sense of covering up after dark, sleeping under a mosquito net in town and applying Deet to exposed area will protect you well.

How Safe Is Zambia?

Africans in general are very friendly and Zambia is no exception. Things tend to get done far slower than our hectic western paced lifestyle, but we love that... well sometimes! Zambians offer wonderful customer service and will do things willingly for you with a smile on their face.

What Will I Need To Bring With Me?

A full equipment list will be sent to you upon booking. However as a general rule, we suggest bringing your personal paddling kit, even if you can't bringa  boat. We haveplenty of new playboats for you to paddle on your trip. Depending on when you come to Zambia, you'll need a minimum amount of personal equipment, mainly for very warm weather. Trips before the end of August and after November should pack a warm fleece for the evening and some base layers (even a short dry top) for the river. On any multiday trip you choose to do with us, we will supply one drybag per paddler although you will need to supply your own sleeping bag.

How Can I Keep In Touch With Home?

Internet is very good and widely available. It can be quite slow compared to what you are used to at home, but it is getting faster. On trips where you are in Zambia for sometime, it might be worth bringing your mobile phone and getting a local SIM card to keep in contact. Post tends to be fairly slow, but the landline phones at the post office are good and cheap.

How About Food?

There are plenty of excellent quality restaurants in Livingstone. Meals vary from around $3 for a Nshima (local dish of beef stew with maize meal and gravy) to around $15 for a main meal in a good restaurant. For those on a tight budget, you can shop at one of the local supermarket and live very cheaply. After all, who needs to eat when you can paddle!

Where Can I Stay?

Livingstone has a variety of accommodation from $10 per night to over $600 per night... but hey after all, we are kayakers right? Thats 20 days paddling! We recommend staying at either Fawlty Towers or Jollybosy in a dormitory room. They are great places to stay and you can upgrade your room if you wish. They serve excellent food and have cold beers.. what more can you want!

Can I Join On My Own?

No problem, plenty of paddlers sghow up on their own and paddle with the kayakers already on trips with us. Great friendships can be forged on these trips and plenty of future paddling missions are planned in a bar in Livingstone.

How Many People Will Be On My Trip?

We tend to stick with minimum numbers of 4 paddlers and maximum numbers of 12 on all our trips. This makes for more fun, no crowding in the eddies and plenty of lively banter in the evening. We will cater for larger groups on request.

Cameras, Laptops and DVDs?

Bring your camera for sure! You want to brag to your mates who never came about how awesome your trip actually was! There is WiFi in many hostels, but if you can do without your laptop, dont bring it. You are on holiday after all. Where we have over 8 people on a trip, we can offer you a video boater to capture your trip and this is normally pre-sold by the cameraman.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Yes, you never know when you are going to fall walking back from the bar! Few accidents happen on the river, but its worth it to be safe. On all our trips where you purchase a package, evacuation coverage is included in the cost of the trip although this would be just to get you to Livingstone. Travel Insurance is required to get you home.

I Have Never Paddled Before. Do You Have Trips For Me?

Yes. We have our AMAZING inflatable kayak trip, tandem kayaking or if you fancy giving it a go yourself, our Kayak School trips for half a day or a full day. Longer courses can be arranged also.

As always, if you have any questions we haven't answered, please do contact us.