Getting To Livingstone

Logistically Livingstone is now fairly easy to get to. There are excellent connections from the UK, Europe, North America and South Africa. Most flights route through Johannesburg and the flight up to Livingstine is around 1 and a half hours. Many paddlers from down south also drive up which allows for less restrictions on what you bring... more room for a Castle or two! From the UK and Europe most flights are overnight and there is just one hours time differenc (from the UK) If you want a stunning view of Victoria Falls on the way into Livingstone, try to get a seat of the left side of the aircraft.. but dont worry, we will take you to the base of the falls to get an amazing view that very few people get to see, if you miss out.


Flights From The UK & Europe

Flying from the UK to Johannesburg, you will have plenty of options. Virgin, Lufthansa, Swiss and South African tend to be kayak friendly and British Airways will not take kayaks as we all know because of that fantastic efficient baggage handling system at Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Lufthansa, Swiss, South African and Air France offer excellent options from Europe and are in general quite kayak friendly. In Johannesburg you have just the options of South African (the best options) and British Airways. Alternatively give some thought on flying into Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Its just a short drive and not too much bother. Try and check your boats through.

Flying From North America

Most of the main North American carriers offer flights from the East Coast to Johannesburg, although some carriers do go via the UK or Europe making for a longer flight. Delta, American, United and Continental all offer flights via Europe. South African offers flights from New York to Johannesburg.

Travelling From South Africa

Other than the obvious flights from Johannesburg, why not get a bunch of mates together and drive up! It will work out way cheaper if you get a carload of people and makes it a lot easier transporting your boats. For those driving up from South Africa, the best way is though Martin's Drift border post into  Botswana and then through to the Kazangula  ferry-crossing.

Combining Your Paddling Trip With The White Nile

So you want the ultimate African Paddling Vacation. It is well worth combining your trip to The White Nile with a Zambezi trip especially if you are travelling from North America or Europe for your paddling trip. Excellent connections exist from either Entebbe with Ethiopian to Lusaka (where you can connect to Livingstone by bus) or with Emirates to Johannesburg and then travel up. For more info and help on travel arrangements, please e mail us.