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Zambezi Kayaking Logistics Made Easy

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The Zambezi has a reputation for having difficult paddling logistics, but it need not be so! From August – December Kayak The Zambezi offers daily shuttles to Number 1 (Boiling Pot) at 8am from Livingstone or 9am to Rapid 10. Our guide team will show you the river on your first day and on subsequent paddling days we’ll take care of park fees, porters, lunch transport to and from the river allowing you the most time to spend doing what you love – kayaking the Zambezi.

Ripping It Up at 12B

For those who also don’t want to travel with a boat, we have plenty of current play boats and river runners for you to choose from, paddles, buoyancy aids, helmets and everything you need for your paddling holiday. User friendly airlines for boats are Virgin to Joburgh and then 1 time are excellent to Livingstone. Alternatively there are many excellent flight options to Lusaka and then you can catch a bus to Livingstone from there with Mazhandu Family Buses.

Sara running 5, Stairway to Heaven

Make 2012 your year to paddle the Mighty Zambezi. See you here!

May Newsletter.

Thursday, May 19th, 2011


Thinking about heading to the Zambezi this season? Good choice. Not only do you get to paddle one of the greatest rivers in the world, but if you time it right you’ll get to take part in the Zambezi Festival 2011! From the 22-29th zambezifestlogo2October this year Livingstone will be overrun with kayakers in town for great competitions, brilliant races and some fine, fine parties. We’re holding downriver races, head to head, slalom, a rodeo, raft races, and a Grand Final with some surprises along the way. They’ll be prizes for everyone, so even if you’re not scoring top points on the rodeo, it’s always worth flashing the judges a smile and a wink (nothing more!) during your ride and you might end up with a share of the bounty. We’ve got a brand new kayak from Fluid, subscriptions to Kayak Session magazine, nights in swanky hotels in Livingstone, activities in the area, some great spot and novelty prizes for those random acts that make us laugh and much, much more. Tickets cost $195, which includes your event entry, accommodation for the week, shuttles, park fees and a T-shirt, almost everything except your bar tab! Getting there is easy too, flights to Lusaka are going for less than £500 from the UK at the moment, and a new route from Cape Town is now opened up with Zambezi Airlines which gives you many more options, winner! Check out the website page for more information on how things are running, add yourself onto our Facebook event, and invite all your friends! Accommodation is limited so make sure you book up early to make sure you get a place, and we’ll see you out there for what’s shaping up to
be a whole lot of fun.

If you are after “Executive Kayak Transport” then look no further than our African Limo featured in this picture!  Set up with all the essentialsP9130101_2, cold beer, kayak trailer and 6 doors, travel to all the best paddling spots on the Zambezi in STYLE! Paddling fees have gone up with the Zambian Parks Service putting up fees by $10. Our rates for pick up and drop off from your hotel or backpackers, porters to carry your kayaks into and out of the gorge, lunch and a cold beer at the end of the day are just $40. PLEASE NOTE IF YOU BOOK LOCALLY, THE COST WILL BE $50, so well worth planning your trip in advance!

If you want someone to organise your entire paddling holiday, then let arrange all your paddling needs. From people wanting to experience a Zambezi 4 day trip, to those wanting to paddle The White Nile and Zambezi, we have something to offer everyone. Our guides will meet you at the airport and accompany you on your entire trip, taking care of all the smallest details as well. If you want somebody to teach you more about Playboating? Or River Running in big water, Anika or Andrew will make sure you leave the Zambezi River, loving the place! Dates are now on our website ready for you to get excited about and book onto for this years paddling holiday!

People are always asking us about the best time to head out to the Zambezi? For those wanting Big Water paddling conditions, head out and see us in August or December. Pretty much everything in between, is an awesome time to paddle the Zam. In high water some rapids are bigger, but in general the best paddling/surfing is on offer in low water and the weather is awesome too. Expect hot and sunny conditions. Although we recommend taking anti malarials at all times in Zambia, the risk is very low and far lower than that in on the Nile in Uganda. If you are keen to avoid the rush this year when the Festival is on, come down either side of it!

IDSC_0419f you are looking to hook up with some other paddlers out on the Zambezi, then get onto our FORUM where you can see who is heading out to the Zambezi and when? If you are looking to head out on a multiday as well, it is a great way to get people together on the same trip for more fun. It is super simple to just sign up and also post any advice to people heading out there, like flight deals, places to stay in Lusaka or why not just tell us about your Zambezi paddling experiences, without of course exaggerating too much! If of course you try and sell Viagra on there, you will be banned!

Zambezi River Fees Increased

Monday, September 27th, 2010 is the only company on the Zambezi permitted to take kayakers on the Zambezi River. We want to make it as user friendly as we can for people to come and paddle what is one of the best whitewater runs in the world. Recently the Zambian Parks put up the entry fee on gaining access to the river from $3 to $10 (excluding access to Victoria Falls) This is included with all our shuttles to and from the river, as well as lunch, porters and a cold beer at the end of the day. No matter whether it is your first time on the river, or you are a seasoned pro on the Zambezi, our team on and off the water will give you an amazing experience, on this, our home river.

Paddling The Pourover in 5

Paddling The Pourover in 5

We recommend getting flights in and out of Lusaka as they are loads cheaper than flying into Livingstone. A great place to stay in Lusaka is Lusaka Backpackers and then get the bus over to Livingstone with Mazhandu Family Buses, October is a PRIMO month to paddle. Its HOT and the water level is dropping. Come on out and play on the river and party in town until your heart is content. If anyone needs boats to hire, we have quite the fleet to choose from and can also arrange multi-day trips if you have the time. We can also sort any accommodation for you in either Jollyboys or Fawlty Towers and book any activities you wish to do. See you for some fun on the river!

The Zambezi – Now’s The Time!

Monday, September 6th, 2010

For any of you paddlers out there looking for the best time to kayak the Zambezi River, that would be NOW! The river has just gone to “low water” when the rapids are at their best, the weather fantastic, and you get to choose from so many great sections of river to paddle? If you are a surf demon, try the wave at rapid 2 and early October, head up to get in some serious surfing at the world class 12B. If you prefer running BIG waves then run from rapid 1 and take on Stairway to Heaven, Gullivers Travels or the Mother, rapid 13.

Howard running Ghostrider

Howard running Ghostrider

The river is excellent through until December, with the weather getting hotter at the end of October and the chance of rain which will cause the river level to rise. We can provide you with excellent support for all your paddling needs, whether it renting a kayak, needing to get to and from the river each day, or head out on a fantastic multiday trip, we’re happy to make your next paddling vacation easy. Get a group together, or just come on your own. Our guides will show you down the river and show you all the best (and worst) places to go.

Tony teaching Trevor on our Kayak School

Tony teaching Trevor on our Kayak School

Paddling big warm water is the ultimate. The loves our “home river” and looks forward to sharing it with you on your next kayaking vacation. Flights are easy and simple into either Lusaka or Livingstone, so pop on over and enjoy some paddling no matter whether you are an accomplished kayaker, or you would like to take on a kayak school with our world class kayak instructors on the Zambezi River. See you there!

Zambezi Kayak Schools

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

So how can you possibly learn to kayak on what is described as one of the most challenging rivers in the world? Simple. The Zambezi is warm water, the season is long and there are plenty of long flat sections and easy Grade 2-3 to get your skills working before moving onto the harder stuff. Many people have learned to kayak on the Zambezi and in fact many of the guys who shoot video and photos on the river, have been taught and learned to paddle only on the Zambezi.

Practising paddling above Rapid 6

Practising paddling above Rapid 6

A Zambezi Kayak School, can be anything from a half day taster through to 5-6 days where we get to paddle most of the big rapids on the Zambezi. We teach you from the basics of the eskimo roll in a local swimming pool to running waves and on longer courses, playing and having fun on the river which, in the end is what it’s all about. Our world class team of international instructors will outfit you with kayaks (obviously) buoyancy aids, paddles, spraydecks (to keep the water from going inside the kayak) and helmets. Due to the “Pool Drop” nature of the Zambezi, if you do end up taking a swim, its easy to pick you up and get back in.

Having a play in a rapid below Rapid 18

Having a play in a rapid below Rapid 18

When it is 24 degree celsius water, 30-40 outside temperature, getting on the Zambezi River for a days kayaking and keeping cool, is one of the best places to be. Groups are small, so it is easy and condusive to learning this fantastic sport. The ideal season for kayaking the Zambezi is August – December. Additionally, you’ll get to stay in Livingstone, Africa’s Adventure Capital. Gorge Swing, Bungy, Jetboat, you can do it all!