Just How Hard Is The Zambezi?

October 28th, 2009

The Zambezi River has plenty of myths associated with it. Most of the stories have been spread by over zealous river guides and paddlers! The reality of the Zambezi, is that it is a BIG Grade 3+ river. Lines tend to be straight forward and the rapids that are more challenging, can easily be portaged. Paddlers should have a competent roll (preferably on both sides) With almost all of our trips and logistics, we suggest a practise paddling day from Rapid 10 Rapid 25, which just helps you get to grips with the size of the rapids and the volume of the river. Most rapids on this section tend to be fairly short and sweet, but you’ll also get a chance to stop and surf at the infamous 12B which is ideal around mid September until early November as a general rule.

Awesome big water paddling in "The Mother"

Awesome big water paddling in "The Mother"

Paddlers who regularly paddle the Zambezi will be fine starting at Rapid 1 and all rapids along the way, perhaps with the extension of Rapid 9 which is portaged by all rafting trips. It has become a rapid which is paddled regularly, but should not be underestimated! We have seen some pretty legendary kayakers get spanked here! For those of you wanting to sample a real Zambezi kayaking trip, seeing the rapids after the regular paddling section is a must. Upper Moemba, Open Season and the Narrows are classic rapids to paddle.

Chilling on one of the flat sections between rapids

Chilling on one of the flat sections between rapids

Many paddlers have heard that logistics on the Zambezi are very complicated. Although different from the Nile in Uganda, they are just as easy. We have regular shuttles going to all the drop off and pick up points on a regular daily basis. We even get your boat carried into and out of the gorge, and give you lunch and a beer at the end of the day. Its easy and cheap to fly into Lusaka, where you can either get us to collect you (if you are a group) or catch a bus to Livingstone which leave on a daily basis. Accommodation is cheap and really comfy and the risk of malaria providing you take the correct precautions is really rare.

So come on, you are out of excuses, make 2010 the year for your Zambezi mission! We will also hold a Zambezi Kayaking Festival in 2010. Keep checking our website! See you here!

Inflatable Kayaking On The Zambezi

September 10th, 2009

For all you hardened kayakers, this may not interest you, but TheZambezi.com has launched the Zambezi’s latest adventure activity. Inflatable Kayaking – A mix of half kayak school and half awesome day out, even paddling novices can tackle the wild rapids of the Zambezi under the superb guidance of our river team. The¬†Inflatable Kayaks¬†have been purpose built for us by Billy at ARK Inflatables in South Africa and we have had a superb response to trips so far!

Dropping Into 11

Inflatable Kayak Dropping Into Rapid 11

Dropping into The Mother in this boat is about as much fun as you can have on the Zambezi. As John from Canada described his day with us, “Its far more fun than rafting!”
Trips depart daily from Livingstone, so even you hard core kayakers might want to come and check this out!

TheZambezi.com Gets a new Site

September 9th, 2009

thezambeziscreengrabIt’s been a long time coming but you will have seen our new site by now. We think it looks cooler than an frozen penguin, frozen by a very cool substance….. anyway just so you don’ t forget the old site we thought we’d add a old screen grab of thezambezi.com with a few of our favorite old images that we couldn’t see go to waste!

So there you have it, a selection of images from the old theZambezi.com let us know which you like the most and we may find somewhere for them in the new site!